Sunday, July 17, 2011

the feud .

it's not that I was lacking adrenaline to wish packs of serbs and americans chasing after me, but I let the interview be published since i could not put up with their terror and consequences of it anymore. then, after the magazine came out i had mixed feelings whether it was the right thing to do. finally, i am not sorry at all, i do not think any serbs have read what i discussed but they intensified their terror and disrespect of me for obviously someone told them to. they were also letting their emotions and feelings flow, they cannot be pressed into it. but do they ever ask themselves whether what they are doing is the right thing to do against anybody?!
who advised them; who else but their leaders; i would say someone from the national security had read it, and that's whence the problems originated even before. don't hear, don't see, don't tell does not work for me, cos the terror is pretty blatant and direct. it starts from those intentionally smiling and spitting at me, even the foreigners do it around here. there was an arab guy who spat at least 10 times while coming at me, but when i spat back at him, he apologized. i should have taken him into a citizen's custody and examine what it all was about.
serbian leaders were all commies, i called them marcons; perhaps not as the freemasons /cannot allude and generalize not because the freemasons will poison and kill me - perhaps they will [i was never the one nor shall i be; i like my ignorance like i like my God-given independence] but for the two persons i know - from that group - are quite okay guys - just because of them/that - even though there is a number that an't okay with me; even then, the goodness of the two dogooders prevails with me more than the wrongness of all others; my decency benchmarks are quite different than with many other people incl. of the freemasons/; in the text as if they were coming from the planet similar to mars. they are not officially commies now, but old habits are there... there are marcons everywhere - in serbia and america, they lead and i am somewhere in their way, still.


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