Thursday, April 06, 2017

will never get married here and pop my cherry!!!

for the fourth time in life met the same woman, pixie cut, probably the only woman in this country (serbia) that could fulfill my physical and emotional needs but was prevented by the god-awful actions of these people (in serbia – riding with me – hope God punishes a few mavericks here) to make a second contact with her. she entered streetcar at takovska street station and wonder why was not she exiting at the same stop with me. was hoping she was going to exit as id just wanted to say hi. the last time I saw her – her colleague or friend did not have a ticket to ride – so they both exited sooner – missed a chance to say hi there too and tell her I had missed the chance earlier last year – when they had that ticket problem. this day – im pretty sure she either moved up the street or were ashamed to be by me while exiting or going to the same store which I usually go to (maxi on vojvode stepe blvd.) – when getting off the transportation. fingers crossed she is still available but not!, why ending up holding up anyone?!! it is unfair. Let them have thy freedom!!!! To me , it looks like this was the only and quite rare – unique chance. God damn awful people!!!!!!


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