Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Letter to the Honorable American Judge

AMERICAN JUSTICE NIGHTMARE : if this guy was truly honorable his son would not be breaking the law, neither his wife would go under 4 different names. at a trial he spoke like a big boogeyman, imo, however, he is the epitome of a cowardly psychopath, an immature little coward. he directly undermined (and/or undermines) all the good relations and opinions i have with/of the jewish people, i have no words for him. this fraud called justice practically took my life away serving his i must say a truly personal verdict (or vendetta rather) for 'we the people':

US Judge Charles M. Honeyman ( DENIED my right to lawyer, failed to recognize my marriage and the fact that I am the father of an American. In 2003, I was deported back to Serbia without any respect for due process. However, in 2002, my lawyer Mr. Zhin Jin of Philadelphia had told me the said herewith was impossible, most certainly not in any brutal and careless manner. was arrested without any warning and awaited deportation for six months in various US prisons.

Whatever the reason, America violently and blatantly destroyed my rights with respect to a family and all related rights. I could rightly state that my life has been destroyed for this reason.

Next to an honest family, during a 10 year stay in the US, I had formed a private art collection of about 50 strong pieces. I felt led and guided to open up a family owned gallery. However, my ability to ever be a respectful gallery owner, let alone father and husband was destroyed. Additionally, my art was "burned" as it will always come with a label of a story that’s hard to mention and explain in one positive sense. I am writing this to beat all sorts of rumors about me. A small internet fee should provide a clear check of anyone's criminal records!


You had mixed it up, I AM NOT Theodor Szehinskyj, Nazi War criminal.

And I have never dealt narcotics:

It's either a Shame on you or Double standards on your discretion. Your Asylum Approval rating is among the highest ones in the country (42%), but you just had to destroy my life and family, thank you:

Soon after the above link was posted, the afore-mentioned article was quickly removed from the Philadelphia Inquier web page...

Basically, the story says that Hon. Judge Honeyman approved Colombian born drug dealer's stay in the US and the article can now be found in English at the following Colombian link:

After 5 years of what I have been through and torture this Woody Allen lookalike gave me (i.e.: life without family, lost relationship with my spouse, have not been able to see my child for 13 years, unmerited prison time and more), I have the right to say this American Judge is not someone who served the Justice.

It is impossible to find words to get back at a person like this, for he had actually turned me into a walking zombie.

This judge may be covered by don't see don't tell policy but I wonder if he can sleep at nights for I am thinking about his face unwillingly every single day, every single second.

I cannot believe in U.S. Freedom and Liberty marketing anymore
(did Gene Hickman really want a Hershey bar over Swiss chocolate.) Not that they did not let me dream, they ruined my entire life like I was Fidel Castro, Osamma Bin Ladin or some other political enemy. Do We Trust in God?
Wanted by Serbo VJ Army
Draft Notice, it was not a lie.
It basically translates to “Go to your military post or prison.”